Privacy Policy

By provision of “General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)”, “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)”, “Law No. 172-13 on the protection of personal data” and “Law No. 126-02 on Ecommerce”, Raúl Miguel Sarante informs that:

  • The personal data that is collected through the forms on the website https://raulmsarante.com, are included in the specific automated files for users of the company’s services.
  • The purpose of the automated collection and processing of personal data is to maintain the business relationship and carry out information, training, advice and other activities of Raúl Miguel Sarante. These data will only be transferred to those entities that are necessary for the sole purpose of fulfilling the porpuse mentioned before.
  • The user declares that all the data provided by him are true and correct, and undertakes to keep them updated, communicating the changes to Raúl Miguel Sarante.
  • The user may at any time request the rights of access, opposition, rectification, cancellation, limitation and portability recognized in the laws mentioned. The requeriment of these rights can be done by the user himself through the email: info@raulmsarante.com.

Data collection

Raúl Miguel Sarante will treat your personal data collected through the Website https://raulmsarante.com with the following purposes:

  • Comply with the commercial obligations of the company.
  • Sending commercial information and newsletters about new services offered on the web.
  • Comply with the internal processes of the company regarding the administration of suppliers and contractors.
  • The process of filing, updating systems, protecting and safeguarding company information and databases.
  • For security or fraud prevention purposes.
  • Execute a contract signed remotely with the user.
  • Acquire the products offered through the website.
  • Provide the services contracted by the user.
  • Provide the information requested by the user through the contact form.

The fields required on the forms are mandatory, and it is impossible to carry out the stated purposes if these data are not provided. They will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained during the period for which legal responsibilities may arise for the services provided.

Transfer of Data

The data will not be communicated to any third party outside of Raúl Miguel Sarante except legal obligation.

By virtue of what is established in Law no.126-02 on Ecommerce, the essential information is retained for a maximum period of 12 months to identify the origin of the hosted data and the moment in which the provision of the service began. The retention of these data does not affect the secrecy of communications and they may only be used in the framework of a criminal investigation or for the safeguarding of public safety, making themselves available to the judges and / or courts or the Ministry that so requires. The communication of data to the State Forces and Bodies will be done by virtue of the provisions of Law No. 172-13 on the protection of personal data.


Raúl Miguel Sarante is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights and any other rights related to the contents of the website https://raulmsarante.com and the services offered there, as well as the programs necessary for its implementation and related information.

Is not allowed to make the reproduction, replication and / or use that is not strictly private of the contents, total or partial, of the website https://raulmsarante.com without prior written consent.

The user must respect the third-party programs made available by Raúl Miguel Sarante, even though they are free and / or publicly available.

The user does not acquire the right or license to the software necessary for the provision of the service, nor to the technical information for monitoring the service, with the only exception that is to enforce the contracted services and only for the duration of the same.

For any action that exceeds the fulfillment of the contract, the user will need written authorization from Raúl Miguel Sarante. In that way, the user is prohibited from accessing, modifying, viewing the configuration, structure and files of the servers, assuming the civil and criminal liability derived from any incident that may occur in the servers and security systems as a direct consequence of negligent or malicious action.

Rights Infringement of Third Parties

It is prohibited according to the legislation, the inappropriate use on the intellectual property of the services provided by Raúl Miguel Sarante, particularly regarding:

  • The use that is contrary to Dominican laws or that infringes the rights.
  • The publication or transmission of any content that, in the opinion of Raúl Miguel Sarante, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racial, xenophobic or defamatory.
  • Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • The collection and / or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or in contravention of the provisions of Law No. 172-13, relating to the protection of personal data.
  • The use of the domain’s mail server and email addresses to send spam.

User Responsibility

The user has full responsibility for the content of his internet server, the information transmitted and stored, the hypertext links, the claims of third parties and legal actions in reference to intellectual property, third party rights and protection of minors.

The user is responsible for the laws and regulations that regards to the operation of the online service, Ecommerce, copyright, Rights and duties of public order, as well as universal principles in the use of the Internet.

The user will compensate Raúl Miguel Sarante for the expenses that could be generated by the imputation of the contracted in any cause whose responsibility was attributable to the user, including legal defense fees and expenses, even in the case of a non-final judicial decision.

Data Protection

Raúl Miguel Sarante makes backup copies of the content hosted on its servers, however he is not responsible for the loss or accidental deletion of data by users. In the same way, it does not guarantee the total replacement of the data deleted by the users, since the data could have been deleted and / or modified during the period of time that has elapsed since the last backup copy.

The services offered, except the specific backup services, do not include the replacement of the contents conserved in the backup copies made by Raúl Miguel Sarante when this loss is attributable to the user.

Advertising Campaigns

Raúl Miguel Sarante will not send advertising or promotional communications by email or other equivalent electronic means, which had not previously been requested or authorized by the recipients of the same.

In the case of users with whom there is a prior contractual relationship, Raúl Miguel Sarante reserves the right to send commercial communications regarding the company’s own products or services, which are similar to those that were initially contracted with the client. In any case, the user, after proving his identity, may request the ellimination of commercial information sent to him through the Customer Service channels.