Terms and Conditions

These General Conditions, together with the Particular Conditions that may be established, regulate the legal relationship derived from the contracting processes formalized through this website, and can be carried out by any user that comply with all the present requirements. This document complies with the “General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)”, “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)”, “General Law No. 358-05 on the Protection of the Rights of the Consumer or User”, “Law No. 172-13 on the protection of personal data” and “Law No. 126-02 on E-commerce and digital signatures.

These conditions will exclusively govern the contracting processes carried out by the CLIENTS when they require the services for the PURCHASE OR COMMISSION OF THE ARTWORKS offered by Raúl Miguel Sarante through his website https://raulmsarante.com. Acceptance of this document implies that as a user:

  • You have read, understand and accept what is stated here.
  • That you are a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
  • That you assume all the obligations establish here.
  • You understand that these conditions will have an indefinite period of validity.

Website contact

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, you can send an email at: [email protected] or use the ‘Contact’ page form.

Shipping conditions

Collection of orders take place from the Studio in Santo Domingo and shipment is available nationally and internationally. Depending on the region, the calculation of shipping charges varies. All additional services that the courier provide are included, such as handling, door-to-door delivery and customs procedures outside the boarding area.Beyond that, Any additional charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

The artist uses only certified couriers (UPS, DHL, Fedex …). A package tracking number with a code is provided by email. Packaging typically takes 5 business days to prepare and ship to its destination. If there are no unforeseen events, the expectation is that it does not take more than 10 days to arrive.

Eventually, you will want to make a priority shipment with a special delivery date; in that case, contact the artist by email to make a reservation (Extra charge included).

Packaging procedures

There are 4 effective methods for packaging artwork. Raúl Miguel Sarante will choose one of them based on the size and technique used to make the piece. These methods consist of the following:

  • Packaging of stretched canvas with bars in a cardboard box.
  • Packaging of stretched canvas with frames in a wooden box.
  • Packaging of the artwork in reinforced envelope.
  • Rolled in a dent resistant tube, depending on the size.

Among the packaging materials that are commonly used to ensure the safe arrival of the painting are:

  • Acid free tissue paper
  • Layers of bubble wrap 
  • foam boards and cardboard corner protectors (depending the type of packaging used)

A certificate of authenticity is attached to  every painting, Illustration or Print Edittion.

If you see any damage when your package is being delivered, you can either refuse the shipment as [damaged – return to sender] or you can have the delivery company mark the tracking as [received damaged, subject to further inspection]. Please file the claim immediately! You also must keep all boxes and packing material. When you call you will need the tracking number of your box, a description of the damage, and its value. Please make photos of the damages package and send them to Raul M. Sarante with the info of your actions on it.

Artworks commission

Upon requesting a commission, the client must fill out the application form placed on the home page. Then the artist will evaluate the request and as soon as possible, he will contact the client to reach an agreement. To learn more about the application and the artwork process for commissions go to “How to commission an artwork”

After approving a commission, the client agrees to pay a non-refundable 50% initial deposit to start the artwork. Then, the client will follow the entire process of the artwork through communication by email with the artist. Finally, and only when the result is satisfactory, the client pays the remaining.

The client must provide the artist with the necessary descriptions to avoid misunderstandings when making the personalized artwork. These descriptions include from texts to images that clearly show the client’s ideas.

The artworks by commission are personalized and consented by the clients, so returns are not accepted.

Payment methods

Raulmsarante.com offers secure payment via PayPal, credit or debit card and bank transfer.
When paying through bank transfer, the artist will only proceed with the shipping arrangements once the payment has been notified in the account.

Returns and cancellations

In the event that you wish to return any non-commissioned item, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. The client must return the artwork in its original state and without any damage. Raúl M. Sarante will refund the total cost of it, except those related to shipment and PayPal charges.

If you have a problem with the quality of the product or if you received the wrong product, you will get a solution as soon as possible. Contact the artist to explain your specific questions and accept a course of action.

Raul M. Sarante holds the right to cancel any order on the store page if the price or any of the specifications of an item displays incorrectly

Data protection 

In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 172-13 on the protection of personal data, all information provided during the use of the platform and during the provision of services, will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy that every user must expressly accept and in advance to register.

All content and information published or managed by users on the platform are their exclusive property. The provider does not receive any type of intellectual property right due to the fact that the user hosts or manages them on its platform, so in no case may it treat them for purposes other than those directly related to the provision of the services actually contracted.


https://raulmsarante.com it is deeply committed to the protection of intellectual property rights. That is why, the following conditions and policies have been established:

  • Raúl Miguel Sarante guarantees that he is the legitimate owner of the Platform and that he is not involved in any type of legal dispute prior to signing this contract.
  • The user expressly acknowledges that the provider holds all right, title and interest on the platform and the computer developments associated with the service, as well as on all its modules, modifications and updates and on any element and / or functionality that was developed on it, regardless of whether it has been requested by the user or not. For these purposes, it is included without limitation, the recognition of the ownership of the provider of all copyright, intellectual property, and / or industrial rights, being able to exploit the platform, without any restriction of a temporary, territorial nature, relative to means of dissemination or modes of exploitation and without more limitations than those established by law.
  • The structure, characteristics, codes, working methods, information systems and exchange of the same, development tools, methodologies, processes, technologies or algorithms that constitute and / or may constitute the platform, are the exclusive property of the provider, being duly protected by national and international laws of intellectual and / or industrial property, and cannot be subject to further modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the user, without the prior express consent of the provider.
  • All user manuals, texts, images and databases, which complement the platform and / or the materials associated with it, are the property of the provider, without being subject to further modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the user.
  • The provision of the services of the platform or the mere access by the user does not imply, in any case, the transfer of ownership, or the granting of a right of use in favor of the user other than that expressed in these conditions.
  • In order for the user to be able to use the platform (which is the exclusive property of the provider) it is grant a non-exclusive license of use in favor of the user for a specific period of time.
  • In any case, any type of reproduction, imitation, transmission, translation, modification, elaboration of derivative work and / or public communication is absolutely prohibited, regardless of the means used for it.
  • For any aspect that is not expressly recognized in this contract, all rights in favor of the provider will be understood to be reserved.