Trogón. Oil on canvas. Size 30×40 in. 2021


Oil on canvas / Painting size: 30×40 in. / 14 days return and exchange guarantee / This artwork is sold and shipped to you by Raul M. Sarante, and will be packaged in a RESISTANT MAILING TUBE. It is dispatched within 5 working days from THE STUDIO. / Shipping inside the Dominican Republic applies for FREE. International Shipping is calculated based on your region on the cart page / The artist alwais use CERTIFIED COURIERS.

Trogons are a species of birds in the Trogonidae family, unique in the trogoniformes order. They reside in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They are characterized by having very colorful plumage and by making holes in trees to build their nests. In Hispaniola there is an endemic trogón (Priotelus Roseigaster), its natural habitat is that of the humid mountain forests, which has been reduced due to agriculture and intensive grazing.

This oil on canvas representation shows the variety of colors and the dynamism of the feathers of the Priotelus Roseigaster, also called Papagayo or Calzon rojo (Kalson Wouj in Haiti).


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