Español Trogon/ Oil on canvas / Size: 30x40 inches / Date: december 2021 Trogons are a species of birds in ...
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maternidad maternity in the studio
Español Maternity/ Oil on canvas / Size: 30x40 inches / Date: may 2021 In this artwork made in oil on ...
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el gallero pintura oleo
El gallero
"El gallero" is a painting in Oil on Canvas in which I represent the task of raising roosters, a long ...
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the accordionist, la acordeonista2
The accordionist
Among my pieces focus on the traditional folklore, I found inspiration in the representation of a musical scene with a ...
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Rhythms of birds
"Rhythms of birds" is a series of oil and watercolors about native and endemic birds of La Hispaniola, taking up ...
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Figurative art of the Dominican Cúa
Among the endemic birds of Hispaniola Island, I have chosen the Dominican Cúa to represent it as figurative art in ...
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Pure geometric shapes in figurative art
Susana and the elders Abstraction of figuration through pure geometric shapesThe figurative art in my works starts in several stages, ...
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Geometric abstractions and contortions
Geometric abstractions and the contortion series Studies of experimentation and composition dated from 2014 Español Geometric abstractions in the study ...
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Geometric abstraction of the Dominican Cúa
This geometric abstraction of the Dominican Cúa corresponds to the series of drawings and paintings on endemic birds that I ...
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Endemic birds drawing of La Hispaniola (2)
Conclusion to the endemic birds drawing of La Hispaniola Island. This section shows the details of each of the species ...
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