el gallero pintura oleo

El gallero

“El gallero” is a painting in Oil on Canvas in which I represent the task of raising roosters, a long tradition in the dominican country, embodied in the figure of an elderly person who faces the difficulties and needs of his circumstance in this part of life.

For this artwork I took several references and models, which allowed me to sketch the figure, achieving a foreshortening with a much more dynamic composition to incorporate the geometric elements. The range of tones in Sepias and ocher harmonizes with the earthy and gray tones of the background.

I hope you like this artwork, you can leave me your comment in the inbox below or for inquiries, requests, acquisitions, etc., you can write me privately through the email “info@raulmsarante.com”. See you in the next blog.

Sketches in graphite pencil on bond paper.
Base layer in oil on canvas.
Phases of the artwork process in oil on canvas. The range of colors is based on earth tones and neutrals tones.
Artwork process in the Studio.
Oleo sobre lienzo El gallero
El gallero / Oil on canvas / Size 24x30 inches / Date of production: April / 2021
Artwork in an indoor space / Oil on canvas / Size 24x30 inches.

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